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Get Technical Support in your home, when it's convenient for you

Don't waste your time driving to computer stores trying to get help. Let me come to you. You can show me the problem(s) you're having and I can offer you some solutions. Estimates are always free, so it won't cost you anything if I don't end up working on your tech problem.

Billing is done in 15 minute increments so, if it only takes a half hour to fix your issue, then you only owe for 30 minutes of time. I won't pad your bill with extras. I have other clients to take care of and I won't waste your time (or mine) doing unecessary things.

I also offer Premium Support Packages which allows you to save money by buying in advance and guarantees you a time slot on the calendar.

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Customer Testimonials

”Ken has helped me with a couple of tech issues: he helped me get my Smart TV set up, my Roomba vacuum connected to my iPhone, and he helped with a computer that got damaged during a thunderstorm. I will definitely call him again for any future tech problems.“

Kevin Carlson / Home Business Owner

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